Monday, 31 December 2012

First day back...

Plot 376

2012, wow not a bad year. 2013, hopefully a lot better. Hopefully, also a lot less rain and more sunshine.
Really looking forward to this year, got some good seeds and unusual seeds, which I am still eager to embark and start sowing. Hopefully, they will grow for me!
As I like to look after the pensioners local in my area, I'm praying to give them some bizarre veg soon and see their facial expressions when they behold yellow courgettes and bright lights of chard.

There's lots of nice reasons for me to grow my own crops; such as the different tastes, the differences in preparation and methods, the joy of helping people and how strange, I really do enjoy the hard work I put into it all! These below, are just a few of what is to come halfway through and to the end of this year arrived..

Their they are above, lay on the carpet by the way, not grass! :)

I'm ready for the New Year now, bring it on.

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