Sunday, 30 December 2012

Meet my allotment buddy Rob (part 4)...

Plot 376

When I joined the allotments, after about two weeks of working into it, a young man approached me with his brother and requested how to get an allotment. It was very hard to tell whether this man was really interested in getting an allotment at this time, nevertheless I told him how to go about it, giving him the appropriate address and phone numbers for the council. I can honestly say, I am glad that he did get one, I have made a really good friend :)
Rob is a person who will really help you out without a shadow of the doubt and puts others first. He has a lovely partner, very much like himself. It is great to know Rob and Hayley, I also speak for my family when I say this. My two daughters also think a lot of them and our get togethers are great!
One highlight, not long ago Rob was the first to drive my truck, as he calls it, which I am happy to have given that fun experience. I do take great pleasure in helping Rob when he needs it, because I know when I need help and can turn to him, he is more than likely to oblige.

Rob's allotment above, near the beginning. 

And above here, my mate Rob, looking after his chickens on a frosty morning!


  1. Thanks for the post Carl. Sure we will be allotment friends until we dig our own 6 foot deep plots!

  2. Lol! We sure will mate! Good for us though, that's a long way away, might let you use my best shovel! :)

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