Thursday, 3 January 2013

Working with toys and tools...

Plot 376

After a short visit at the allotment today, with my two helpers, I decided, with it being a rainy day, to go home and do some maintenance work with my toys and tools :)
This involves in the cleaning, sharpening and oiling of my shovels and other various gardening tools and equipment. Doing this makes the job a lot more easier and enjoyable.

All these tools above, were bought from various car boot sales and I reconditioned them myself, except for the long shovel with the flat edge! That was from the local garden centre.

Also, I have another piece of garden equipment, which I like to class as one of my toys!
Areas Rocket Cultivator.

This is a very old model. When I got this cultivator, sadly it wasn't working and neither was the gear linkage. All linkage was twisted, bent and ceased up. Fixing this proved to be a quite difficult task!
However, as I treated it as a project to get it running, this became more enjoyable rather than a burden. After some weeks of work and concentration, I managed to bring this old, mechanical cultivator back to life! It is now completely restored and in good working order, I am quite pleased. I am also quite glad to how this machine has been lifeless for a long time and it just makes it so satisfying to put it back to use. I just can't wait to get it onto it's chores! Hopefully, this will also be able to help other people out, to make life a little bit easier for them, as it would for myself!

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  1. Nice blog about the tools mate there defiantly toys to me and you tho. Made up you managed to fix the cultivator am sure you will make good use of it.