Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Strangers?..or not...

Plot 376

Earlier today at the allotment, my good friend and member of the committee, Val kindly donated some raspberry bushes for me to plant in my fruit bed. Plus her wheelbarrow to collect and drop off at my plot.

I decided to plant these straight away. With my sharp shovel at the ready, this took no time.
I planted them all in a row along the bed, they will hopefully bloom in the coming season and spread.
I will also hopefully have some juicy, pink raspberries too!

Collecting these raspberry bushes today, I had a little chat with Val. Which came as a nice surprise that, she was a teacher at Kirkland college many years ago. The college where in fact I studied metal work and civil engineering. This came as a nice revelation to me since she might have taught me...
So what do I cal you Val? Do I call you Val or do I call you Miss?.. :)

These are just little surprises life can bring you...

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