Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little helper...

Plot 376

Today at the allotment, I took my little daughter, who is always keen to help. However, as she's only 3, she can't quite hold a spade just yet!
 Not much happening, since it has been very cloudy and muddy up there. We decided to drive round the corner, to see my good friend Rob's chickens. She loves to see the chickens, as you can see below.

When we first got there this afternoon to see them, she was quite shy and timid towards the chickens...

...but was soon holding their eggs confidently...

...and feeding them corn seeds excitedly!

Hopefully, she'll have a plot of her own one day. Her elder sister is also very keen to have her own allotment, she tells me she just wants to grow fruit, herbs and lots of flowers; which I think will be very nice. She also wants her own chickens, and our little helper can have a chicken of her own too!

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